The history of BLACK FAG begins in the town of New Hope (PA), when Liberace Morris, raised in the local gay
community, decides to drown the sorrows caused by a recent sentimental disappointment by playing the piano
at a bar with "Nervous Breakdown" a song by the Black Flag. His poor performance is only appreciated by Cher
Dyekowski, a solitary motorcyclist, with whom he then leaves for an epic cross-country trip.

From this experience the BLACK FAG are born: an irreverent cover band formed, among others, by Greg Streisand, a former marine dishonorably dismissed for having presented himself to his superiors with a dress signed by Arnold Scaasi instead of the military uniform.
The thread of the band's songs is the shameless belonging to the gay community, combined with an unbridled passion for the music of the Black Flag, which allowed them to perform on a lot of different stages and situations.

Taking to the stage dressed up as gay icons, like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Lloyd Lee from Entourage, they've built up a loyal following giving Black Flag’s back catalogue a fist-pumpingly camp makeover, kind of like queer-eye for the hardcore guy.

After the first European tour, which took place in 2007, the BLACK FAG performed a second tour in 2012 and will be hitting the European stages again in June 2019.