Armed with unforgettable melodies and catchy choruses, The SoapGirls energy, rawness and authenticity live, has earned these road warriors a formidable reputation.

Performing continuously since 2015, these fearless French born sisters Ca(Millie) and Noe(MIE) Debray, backed by their strong songwriting abilities, dedication and determination to their craft, have slayed critics and earned a dedicated group of followers known as the ‘The SoapSuds’, who follow the band across the UK and Europe.

With a venomous swagger and catchy, riff-oriented guitar grind, The SoapGirls released their latest album Societys Rejects and this caustic slice of vitriolic rock’n’roll, was feted by the media and fans alike 2017 saw the the relentless sisters performing at some of the biggest music festivals like Rebellion Punk Music festival who named The SoapGirls one of their biggest highlights.

The journey so far has been fraught for The SoapGirls, as they have encountered vicious sexism and attacks from audiences; battled discrimination and hostility and yet they’ve grow in stature and strength. Edgy and provocative The SoapGirls have faced scathing criticism and physical violence from some, on a level not encountered or endured by their male counterparts, but remain defiant. As women, they have come under unfair scrutiny because some see them as poor role models, but their attire and image emphasises their music and harmonises with their exhilarating, firework-strewn performances. They have been given support by some of the biggest in the industry including being interviewed and a part of Classic Rock magzines latest “She Rocks” edition.
Alluring, hypnotic and nonchalant The SoapGirls originally hail from South Africa where they performed on the street for eight years, and were given their name by the general public. “We have been The SoapGirls since we were 8 and 9 selling hand made soap and street performing for various causes, we did this 365 days of the year for 9 years”.
After quickly gaining the hearts of the masses throughout Cape Town and only aged twelve and thirteen, they had their first real experience in a recording studio and from there they were hooked. By 2011 The SoapGirls had released their South African debut album, which topped the domestic charts.
After conquering South Africa The SoapGirls with their thirst for knowledge and justice, wanted to broaden their musical horizons, leading them first to stages in the United States and then the UK and Europe, with a determination to fight against struggle and heartache.
Mie on guitar and vocals sets the pace beautifully as she powers through each song with a certain style and grace that captivates every audience.
Her biggest musical influences are Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Heart, Nirvana,The Butthole Surfers and R.E.M and prefers more chilled out melancholy music.
Millie on bass and vocals is influenced by Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Alanis Morrissette, Hole, Aretha Franklin, Nirvana, Napalm Death and L7 and tends to prefer heavy angry music. This is evident in her performance as she connects and hypnotises the crowd.
Their common ground is grunge, with Nirvana, Alice in Chains and L7 being their biggest influences and with both girls sharing the singing role, this dynamic duo breathe new life into the genre, for others to follow. They are seen as trend setters paving the way for their female counterparts.
The SoapGirls write outsider anthems that are androgynous, audacious and straight from the heart, with each song born from a real experience, either with themselves or someone close, ensuring every song is very honest.
Bad Bitch the first song released in Europe was written 2 days after The SoapGirls were attacked in Hastings and the result is a “very emotional and very raw” song. This unprovoked attack, involved sexist abuse and took place when The SoapGirls were performing live, with the perpetrators throwing copious amounts of red liquid over the band. “We hated not being able to fight back and still suffer a lot of anxiety when we are performing as a result of what happened, I became slightly jaded and Bad Bitch was born after we decided we would never take shit from anyone ever again!!”
Bad Bitch saw the girls developing a recognized ‘sound’ with their ever-so-edgy vocals, Mille’s heavy throbbing bass lines and Mie letting rip with searing lead guitar work, creating an insouciant blast of filthy rock’n’roll.

The release of Bad Bitch and their intensive touring schedule saw the band featured in both the Music and National press including the Daily Mirror, while the Bad Bitch was played on BBC Radio and play listed by Planet Rock Radio.

Proud and humble The SoapGirls are a force of nature who inspire anyone to “follow their dream and believe in themselves”. Described by some in the music
industry as The SoapGirls are here to set the
being “the new kids on the block,
standard for the new generation.”

The SoapGirls stand for freedom and non-judgement, fiercely outspoken for animal rights, society’s most vulnerable and anti government policies .The SoapGirls play rock 'n' roll the way its meant to be: Loud. Raw. Dirty. Fast and furious. and the hard graft is paying off having already captured the attention of some movers and shakers in the industry.
“Be brave enough to be yourself always, we have only one life that we know of so Rock it and embrace it without losing yourself” - The SoapGirls
The SoapGirls remind us that music can still be straight to the point, efficient, honest and exciting so brace yourself for The SoapGirls next essential chapter, with details of a new album and festival appearances to be announced soon ........